Personalized jewelry, Egyptian cartouche handmade gold.

Personalized Jewelry Egyptian Silver Bands Rings & Pendants
Cartouche Pendants,  Necklaces &  Charms & Bands Silver  

Cartouche, Silver Cartouche Bracelets

We have had a great selection of jewelry , Our popular silver Cartouche Rings, Cartouche is a name plate for ancient Egyptian kings and queens, is available silver, or 2-tone combination in silver with 18k

Pendants silver 9.25 silver


Egyptian Special Silver Pendant hand carved and crafted
chain included.

Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Jewelry in Silver


Egyptian scarab cartouche   pendant

Egyptian Jewelry - Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Pendants Sterling Silver<


Anubis Silver Pendant

Our Antique-Finish Anubis silver cartouche    9.25  is handmade in Egypt

Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Ring Silver

Our personalized Egyptian silver cartouche ring "9.25 band is 1/2 "handmade in Egypt


Egyptian Silver Cartouche Bangle

Our Egyptian cartouche   bangle is silver (available in gold)  . "


Egyptian Jewelry Personalized Silver Cartouche 9.25 Silver

Cartouche Rings Silver Egyptian Personalized


2 tone cartouche ring (Rings)1/2 " band silver with 18K Gold Hieroglyphs

Cartouche Jewelry cartouche, cartouche Silver


I love you Egyptian Cartouche Silver   2 "

Our i love you Cartouche is 9.25 silver handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics..

silver cartouche in Silver 9.25 Silver


Cartouche Pendant Silver Open Style 9.25 cartouche

Cartouche Pendants Sterling Silver


Onyx Silver Pendant/Necklace

Cartouche Silver 9.25 Egyptian Jewelry


Filigree Style Silver  Pendant

Our Filigree Cartouche pendant  handmade in

Silver Cartouche Sterling Silver 9.25 cartouche


Silver Cleopatra's Silver Pendants

Our Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's Cartouche 9.25 Silver


Egyptian Silver Cartouche

Our silver Cartouche 9.25 ID style bracelet is handmade in Egypt Sterling Silver

< Egyptian Cartouche silver


Egyptian Cartouche  2 " x 1/2 " wide pendant

Egyptian silver cartouche jewelry


Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Double Sided 9.25 Silver

cartouche Sterling Silver - Rings


Personalized Jewelry Egyptian Cartouche Pendants


silver Cartouche Pendants


Egyptian Jewelry Personalized Silver Pendants

Cartouche Rings Silver Personalized Jewelry Egyptian


2 tone cartouche bangle silver with 18K gold hieroglyphics gold bangle

Cartouche Rings Sterling Silver Jewelry


Egyptian Cartouche 9.25 2 " x 1/2 1/2 Personalized Silver


Personalized Cartouche Rings Egyptian Silver Jewelry


Cartouche Ring Silver with 18K Hieroglyphs

Our personalized cartouche ring silver with 18K ring is handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics

Cartouche stering silver


Egyptian Cartouche Personalized in Silver

Beautiful open & solid style silver cartouche .

Personalized Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Pendant in Solid Silver


2 Tone Cartouche Silver with 18k Gold Pendants & Bracelets




Isis cartouche Pendant 9.25 Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver


Egyptian Blue Lapis Cartouche sterling silver



Hieroglyphic Border Cartouche

Our Lotus Cartouche 9.25 silver  


Personalized Cartouche Bracelets

Our Silver cartouche bracelet is handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics Silver.

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